GnuTrade Launches Trading Games, its Trading Application for Facebook!

Now you can trade directly from Facebook using Trading Games, a new application launched by gnuTrade, which includes all the features from the classic trading screen with a new, fresh look.

As we know the importance of Social Networking, we have included a few new set of options such as creating competitions among friends and setting a real prize of your choice, as well as fun gifts that will lead you to be the best among your fellow traders.

Install the Trading Games application by clicking on this link , then use your regular gnuTrade account or create a new account directly from the screen, it's easy and it takes just a couple of steps. Once intalled click on the "Play" button and start playing the markets right away!

For more information please check our help options also available from the Trading Games screen or contact us at

The gnuTrade Trader Screen has been Renewed!

Hi everyone, after much work we have released the new version of the trader screen with a fresh look and an easy-to-use interface. You may still place out 3 types of bets, keep track of your past and current trades in your statement and enjoy the exciting world of the Financial Markets.

If you need help with any of the new features please check this quick trading guide that includes screenshots of the new trader

If you still have queries ask your question in our Helpdesk Chat Room or email us at

You may still access our Classic Trader Screen from the bottom menu of our website. Please notice, however, that the Classic Trader Screen will be still available only for a limited time.

Please contact us if you have questions or any feedback.